Tax preparation

Federal and Colorado basic individual income tax.


Additional forms attached to 1040 such as business income, capital gains, itemized deductions, and rental income usually run about $75 each. See FAQ for details.


Keeping the books and records in order to make tracking your business income and filing taxes easier. We have two different options listed below.

  • Just the basics:

We track up to 50 transactions a month through your business bank account or receipts so that you have an easy-to-read record of your income and expenses for when tax season comes around!


  • Solo business:

100 transactions/month, 1099’s filed and sent to contractors, individual tax return with schedule C and one other schedule.



Just need help getting things set up and learning how to file your own taxes? I offer “done-with-you” taxes and bookkeeping.


Coming May 2024: Payroll!

Frequently asked Questions

Schedules A-E are usually $75 per schedule, but they may be more if you have a complicated situation.

Schedule A is your itemized deduction, which includes mortgage loan interest, medical bills, state and local taxes, and charitable giving. We’ll only file a Schedule A if these things add up to more than your standard deduction to get you the best tax return possible.

Schedule B is taxable interest and ordinary dividends. We file Schedule B if your interest and dividends are more than $1500. There may be additional fees if we need to file extra pages.

Schedule C is business or self-employment income. If you have a 1099-NEC, or if you run your own business or freelance, we’ll file Schedule C to report your net income from the business and calculate your self-employment tax. If you need to bring in your receipts and bank statements to get the accounting together, I can help you with that for an additional hourly fee.

Schedule D is capitals gains and losses. There may be additional fees to file this if you had certain types of investments, or if you have multiple pages in your 1099-B that we have to enter by hand.

Schedule E is a catch-all for several different types of income and loss. The most likely case for this one is if you have a rental property. There may be an additional fee if you have multiple rental properties.

You may also see on your completed tax return Schedules 1, 2, and SE. We generally do not charge extra for these, since they are an intermediate step to transfer the information from Schedules A-E to your 1040.

There are some additional forms that we may charge for, for instance, form 8962 for the Premium Tax Credit, and Schedule EIC for the Earned Income Tax Credit. We recommend that if you have either of these, you go to,
as you may qualify for free tax help.

Usually additional forms are $25.

Disclaimer: Additional forms not listed here may incur additional charge. We will endeavor to give you the most accurate quote possible based on the information you give us, but if there’s missing information, the price may be different than the quote.

In most cases, the federal government has all the information it needs to send you a tax bill or return, and have you sign it or fill out a form to correct it. But large tax companies have consistently lobbied to prevent that. As a tax payer, I think this situation is highly problematic, and I donate 5% of all tax preparation proceeds to Propublica, who is doing the work to report on the lobbying to keep taxes complicated.

In most cases, if you make under $79,000, you can get free tax help at However, every tax situation is different, so if you

-offer a sliding scale to your clients or work with marginalized or low-income clients
-your AGI is below $80,000
-your tax situation is too complicated for the free options

set up a call to discuss your options with me.

I volunteer at Tax Help Colorado during the tax season. I also donate 10% of the proceeds from the business. 5% of the tax preparation proceeds goes to Propublica to help with their work reporting on the lobby that keep taxes complicated, and the rest is split between GiveWell, which donates to the most impactful charities across the world; a local organization that supports the LGBTQ+ community; and a church in India for food packages and education for families in the area. If you want more information about any of these organizations, email me at .

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